Funders & Partners


Social Housing in Action (SHIA) - City of Lethbridge

SHIA represents a healthy and collaborative cross-section of Lethbridge and community leaders, organizations and includes a range of partners including SHIA an integral part of the Provincial 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness:

• Concerned citizens of Lethbridge
• Service providers (private, public and not-for-profit)
• Funders
• Levels of Government

Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs (HUA) - Government of Alberta

Urban Housing Development and Operations we are responsible for:

• Ensuring Albertans of modest means have access to affordable housing that meets their basic needs
• Supporting a mix of existing and new housing options for families, individuals, seniors and Albertans with special needs
• Delivering capital grant programs to increase the Province’s supply of affordable housing
• Monitoring housing agreements related to affordable housing units
• Ensuring the operations of the 26,500 provincially-owned and/or supported social housing units are managed effectively
• Managing the delivery of rent supplement programs and other grant initiatives

We wish to thank CMHC (Canada Morgage and Housing Cooperation) for the generous SEP Grant, and City of Lethbridge Capital Grant that enabled us to move to our new location on North Lethbridge.


Blackfoot Family Lodge Society is proud to partner with the following agencies:

  • Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge
  • Red Cross
  • Womanspace
  • HIV Connection
  • Aboriginal Housing
  • Treaty 7 Housing
  • Oopakaasin
  • Resource Center
  • Medicine Tree
  • Lethbridge Police Service
  • Lethbridge College
  • Red Crow College
  • Lethbridge Chambers of Commerce
  • Employment and Immigration (Government of Alberta)

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